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There are many aspects of a build project that we at Mayfair Constructions can help you with. This includes both securing planning permission for your build, and helping you with the design of a home that is tailor-made just for you.

This is the stage between finalising your design and obtaining planning permission, and starting the work itself. A number of actions, such as obtaining a License to Alter, drafting Temporary Works Designs or dealing with Party Wall-related matters, might need to be carried out during this stage. First, however, it will be necessary for us to provide you with a final quotation for the works.

The build itself will be overseen by a single Mayfair Constructions’ Project Manager, who will ensure that all activities are completed on time and on budget, according to the agreed work plan.

Once the main building phase is completed, many final tasks remain before your vision is fulfilled.

The lead designer co-ordinates the preparation of a draft planning application and issues it to the client for consideration. The cost consultant advises the client about any abnormal costs arising from the draft planning application.

The client considers the draft planning application and if necessary instructs the lead consultant to arrange a value management exercise.

The client submits (or instructs the lead designer to submit) the planning application, including the planning fee.


Prepare Home Remodeling Ideas £600 - £1150
Specify Materials £250 - £350
Paint Rooms £2.50 - £3.50 Per Square Feet
Install Interior Door £150 - £350 Per Door
Install Light Switch £100


We have a comprehensive team of architectural designers, party wall specialists, structural engineers, surveyors, project managers and, of course, a team of fine builders. All are committed to fulfilling your vision, at a price you can afford.

  • Financial Responsibility to Our Clients
  • Superior Quality and Craftsmanship
  • Quality and Value to the Projects We Deliver
  • Highest Standards in Cost Control
  • On Time and on Budget
  • Real Focus on Customer Satisfaction



    The place you live in says so much about who you are and how you live your life, and so we feel that an important first step is for us to visit you in your home so that we can fully understand your needs, your budget and how you visualise the changes to your home. During this meeting, for which there will be no cost or obligation to you, we will respond to any queries you may have.

    We, at Mayfair Constructions, are fully aware of the importance of being sure, at this early stage, of the best course of action for achieving our client’s objectives. For that reason, we are prepared to spend as long as you require on this process, to ensure that all issues and alternatives are considered. We are committed to working with you to ensure that the end result is a beautiful home that will provide you with both an excellent investment, and a property that you can be proud of, for many years to come.


    We will carry out a Feasibility Study to enable us to explore with you the possibilities for maximising the space in your home, and to allow you to assess how the proposed changes complement what you already have in your property. Included in this study will be the drafting of architectural images, to illustrate how the completed work will look. There will also be a calculation of what the project will cost, disaggregated to show the cost of specific items and materials. We will use our AutoCad Design Suite to show you alternative designs, which will include both 2-D and 3-D models of your modified home.

    All the time, we will ensure that you maximise your living space in the context of your budget, and we will prepare a detailed plan of the works, specifying how long each element of the project will take to complete. This plan will also explain how we will manage the build, from the initial discussion of design ideas, to the final signing off of the work.


    As soon as you have approved the early design concepts that we present to you, our architectural designer will move on to draft very detailed floorplans. These drawings will enable you to select the most appropriate materials for different aspects of your renovation, and to finalise your choice of kitchen units and appliances, wardrobes, lighting options, etc.

    AutoCad CGI Visual Design images will again be used, to illustrate different designs that might be adopted. Naturally, we will discuss all of the alternatives that are available to you, to ensure that the final design meets all of your requirements, within the agreed budget.

    Mayfair Constructions also takes responsibility for obtaining all the necessary planning approvals, and for complete adherence to Building Regulations, prior to the build commencing.


    Arman Construction can provide you with a detailed written Project Plan which itemises every activity to be undertaken before, during and after your build. In addition, our team of specialists will liaise with you on progress on a regular basis during the project. We take the issue of communication with our clients very seriously.

    During the build, you can be sure that the works will be carried out by our talented and experienced team of builders, and overseen by a professional on-site Project Manager. Throughout the project everything is focused on ensuring that the work runs smoothly, and that your vision of your future home becomes a reality.

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